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Johnny Depp in Hunter S. Thomson’s “The Rum Diary” Official Trailer - Should be a hell of a ride
"India : Oxelo Skateboards" - A very nice short film by studio-ores about skateboarding in India

thanks david23

The Ettes ‘Excuse’ from Wicked Will … reminds me of the old days at Big Spaceship #greenscreen

via twitter @scharpling / @PattonOswalt

RA: Real Scenes: Detroit - A trip to the birthplace of techno.

Real Scenes: Detroit from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

Great Video. Reminds me a lot of Baltimore, sort of the same scene.

LWF | Malcolm McLaren - Authenticity vs Karaoke Culture (Perhaps his last speech?)

It was really great to hear it all from the horse’s mouth so to speak, but sad that it may have been his last.

I do worry that with all the facades painted on the faces of “culture”, that we might one day permanently, and perhaps mistakenly, destroy the weeds that most great culture has risen out of.

3D Holographic Fashion Show by Tim Jockel on Vimeo

This is a montage of some key scenes from the show, some live captured moments and some behind-the-scene-shots.
Original projection size: 3456px x 1080px
Stage size: 18m x 8m
Performed in Hamburg on March 31st, 2011 

Agency: Bakery
Director: Florian Sigl
DOP: Moritz Anton
Producer: Sunna Pilz
Sound Design: Yessian
Visual Artist: Tim Jockel

Playing with light - Mon ami le robot by Cube Creative

I really love this story.

RFSF - Assassination on Vimeo - This is how to do a #PSA.

best PSA i have ever seen.

Bianca Chang - Recent Works on Vimeo - Amazing! #stop-motion #papercraft
and the making of…

this is just crazy.

Kinect Graffiti™ by Jean-Christophe Naour on Vimeo

this is a nice start to something we will be seeing a lot of in the next year or so. would make great visuals for a live show.

Kinect Graffiti™ is a digital graffiti tool using “Microsoft Kinect” camera.

Kinect Graffiti™ is a tool built in processing & openGL, SimpleOpenNI, openNI and primeSense libraries.

(Music : Harmonic 313 - Galag-a)

Hooray For Earth “True Loves” (Cereal Spiller Remix) on Vimeo
Metronomy - The Bay by David Wilson Creative on Vimeo #HOT!

This album is one of the best of the year for sure.

Deckard holding court
TOKYOMANGO - New #Parkour facility in LA features real-life Mario World
Perfect Fools vs Converse - Canvas Robotic Shoe Screen