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Bring to Light 2011 - Greenpoint Light Festival by Nuit Blanche New York

should be interesting


✖✖ on Vimeo

alvaro’s experiments are always fun. great audio too.

Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup) - YouTube

this is one crazy mashup with like 20 tracks.

thanks to David Thompson for passing it along.

180 Ovis Lux by Tonner : How Egg Trays Becomes A/V Art !? on Vimeo

so simple, but looks really nice.

Mapping & visual: Tonner-v
Audio design: el.ector​el-ector

Softwares: AE, 3dMax, Ableton, M8 & Millumin

Soundlapse on Vimeo

this is a fun one that i’m guessing came about during some down time and a few rounds of ping pong.

UD Cycling Classic by the Red Paper Heart on Vimeo

Zander & the Hearts are at it again, this time for UD, with some pretty sweet graphics.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Mini Syntehsizer fun

interesting to see a few demo trax of from this little gadget. the design of this thing is just stunning, definelty one of the best websites for a product of this type as well.

and then of course there are these guys themselves… some sort of Revenge of the Nerds / DAF hybrid, with a Belmondo attitude circa Pierrot le Fou

Sifteo Cubes: Programable Interactive Cubes for #games and #music

These came out a few weeks back as an official product, and I am finally getting around to posting them. They started a few years back as siftables at MIT, and if you read my old blog you would have likely seen the earlier version their, along with other similar projects.

The one thing I am most excited about with this is of course using them for music, like this sequencer below.

Terrell (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle) | XLR8R

this is one of the remixes from the upcoming Wolf 009 sampler EP. nice little shuffling house track by the bicep crew. reminds me of mid 90s Touché / ladomat trax.

Com Truise - “Brokendate” on Vimeo

man, this video really does a really excellent job of capturing the feeling of mid 80s video animation with VHS washout and glitch, all around a simple noir story.

Fighting Trousers - Professor Elemental #RaymondScott

great use of Raymond Scott’s track.

Fujifilm X10

can’t wait to get one of these to replace the old Canon G9. look so nice. no price yet though.

Peter Saville - A Disco Ball of Everything on YT

tell ‘em pete.

455/655TF: MOLOTOW Markers. So Nice.