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L’Edition Spéciale Opening on Vimeo

Edition Spéciale Making Of from Greg Barth on Vimeo.

looks like they had a log of fun making this one. so many parts !

Client: Flab Prod / Canal +
Art direction, Coordination and Design: Greg Barth
DOP: Noé Sardet (Parafilms)
Lighting and troubleshooting: Noé Sardet (Parafilms)
Main wood building and troubleshooting: Clement_Yeh
Wooden letters, custom tables & other carved elements: Faux Cadres Canal
Paper / Cardboard elements: Adrien Baudet

Sound Design: Nookaad Prod.
Music: Flab Prod.

Animators: Greg Barth, Noé Sardet, Colas Wohlhahrt,
Alex Da Cunha, Remi Borgeal, Ai-Vy Huyn, Clement_Yeh

Equipment: Clement_Yeh, Parafilms, Daddy Mojo, Nicolas Venne, Stefan Verna, Made Of Stills, Merci infiniment!!

Amazing Illustration and video work by Kilian Eng

DW Design Clip from Kilian Eng on Vimeo.

I really love the work of Kilian Eng. It’s a cross between mid 60s Peter Max, Alejandro JordowskyLeiji Matsumoto, a little La Planète Sauvageand a quite a bit of the mid 60s Art Nouveau revamp by the design collective “The Fool” . I used to have posters similar to this in my room in the 70s. If this guy ever does a full on movie, it’s going to be amaizing.

Check out more of his work here, and video clips here and his tumblr here.

ProteinOS ▶ Beck’s Beer Green Box Project ▶ Casey Reas Interview + The Green Box Concept

the green boxes project themselves are AR experimental art installations around the world. this is a pretty interesting art project, sponsored by becks beer where they commission different artists to create work for each green box. they take so much of the hard work out of this idea by already having the AR app. your just need to provide the creative. pretty amazing.

casey seems to live in some sort of zen state. very calming he is.

The artist line up for these so far is Alice Waese, Arne Quinze, Austra, Bijules, Bompas & Parr, Casey Reas, Dr. Romanelli, Elle Kunnos De Voss, Friendswithyou, Hannah Barry, Guy Gormley and Oliver Hogan, Hussein Chalayan, Jason Bruges, Kate Mccgwire, Kathy Grayson, Kenneth Cappello, Luckyme, Mark Jenkins, Meryl Smith, Nick Knight, Petra Storrs, Pvt & Jj Stratford, Reed + Rader, Sage Vaughn, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Stephen Burks, Steve Harrington, the Horrors, Warpaint, Widows, Andrew Kuo , Craig Thornton, Uva.

But you can also submit commission ideas here, up to Oct 27th 2011.

more info here via ProteinFeed

Green Box Locations
The Horrors Green Box
10 - 14 October, 2011 
Piazzale Ponte Milvio

Casey Reas Green Box
Midtown 3401 North Miami Avenue
Miami FL 33127 

UVA Green Box
Ocean Drive and 10th
Miami Beach FL 33127 
Craig Thornton Green Box
200 Santa Monica Pier # A
Santa Monica, CA 90401 

Raymond Scott’s Electronium: The Restoration - A short film

good lord. i used to dream about meeting raymond scott in the 80s one day. sad that i never did. my band’s name is after one of his songs even. but go i can’t wait till this gets restored. such an amazing machine.

IDN Open 18th Issue by Plenty

IDN Open 18th Issue from Plenty on Vimeo.

another interesting projection piece using a simple cube, really looks great and Tron like though.

More information at:​work_detail.php?codigo=28 

Directed by: Plenty
Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Graphic Design & Installation: Pablo Alfieri
Concepts: Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri
Animation: Mariano Farias, Hernán Estevez
Camera, Projection & Mapping: Mariano Farias
Music & Sound Design: Mariano Farias
Edition & Postproduction: Mariano Farías
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011

LE PETIT THÉÂTRE DE L’ÉBRIÉTÉ by fanzino - Turntable Animation ! #papercraft

LE PETIT THÉÂTRE DE L’ÉBRIÉTÉ from fanzino on Vimeo.

wow. just wow. so nice.

björk: full biophilia app suite demo on Vimeo #ipad #apps #incredible

björk: full biophilia app suite from Björk on Vimeo.

this looks amazing.

the full biophilia app suite is out on monday (tuesday north america) on ipad, iphone and ipod touch. just update the app or if you haven’t downloaded it yet, the biophilia mother app is free and available in the app store. all the other apps can be bought from inside the mother app.

download the app from​apps/​biophilia

all songs are taken from the forthcoming album ‘biophilia’ which is released on the same day.

pre-order biophilia now from
pre-order north america from​artists/​bjork

BLACK by Susi Sie

BLACK from Susi Sie on Vimeo.

reminds me a little of the nando costa titles from a few months back. i think this was done around the same time.

i really like the audio with this as well.

Susi Sie, Germany, 2010, 80sec.

BLACK focuses on our fear of the uncontrollable,
which goes hand in hand with our fascination of the unfamiliar.

Canon 5D Mark II - 100mm Macro


Tabula Rasa by Arnoldas Vitkus - Short

Tabula Rasa - Short from Arnoldas Vitkus on Vimeo.

nice short, kind of reminds me of something a friend of mine did some time ago.

Pursuit of a synthetic utopia.

Short created by Arnoldas Vitkus -
Music by Povilas Ramoska -

The basic idea was to tell a simple story about the emptiness of human mind and the slavery of our own system which makes us artificial, though sometimes by sacrificing ourselves for simple and ordinary things we can make them magnificent.

Undead Instruments - timeFrog II - Inertial Sensor Gesture Interface by Richard Devine

Undead Instruments - timeFrog II - Inertial Sensor Gestures from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

this is one crazy gizmo.

The timeFrog II is a powerful and flexible MIDI device dedicated to music computer and MIDI applications.

The spin/inertial sensor provides a totally new kind of control surface, which opens new way for playing with parameters.

The 8 endless encoders, 4 potentiometers and 6 buttons form a functional and compact.

There is also a embedded 4 steps sequencer: 4x4 steps x 6 voices

This patch was setup in Ableton Max For Live using only two instances of SonicCharge’s Synplant software synthesizer. These two patches where customized and designed to work with the timeFrogII. Creating for some very unique musical gestures. All sequencing and note generation is from the timeFrog controller.

Christian Marclay on Night Music 1989

seeing this on live TV back in 1989 literally blew my mind. i had already began experimenting a lot with samplers and 2 & 7sec delays and all, but this was all a bit more tangible. i already had a pretty good collection of exotica and other vinyl oddities from scouring goodwills and value villages so this was sort of a step backwards to get forwards for me. changed my life it did.

Ishac Bertran: Analog Vinyl Sampling

Analog Vinyl Sampling from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

christian marclay used to do something similar in the 80s, where he would cut the vinyl then somehow glue them back togehter. this uses lasers of course, and while the effect is not as smooth as marclay’s, the look very cool as objects unto themselves.

original video found on itsnicethat

The Creators Project presents Trafik - Multi-disciplinary illumination specialists

a lot of nice work here.

Pacific Standard Time: Jason Schwartzman Celebrates John Baldessari (by loosing his marbles) YouTube #hysterical

best museum ad ever. east your heart out Andrew Warhola, Jr.

The Creators Project - Neon Indian “Polish Girl” by Tim Nackashi | More 80s video flashback fun

another great mid 80s themed video.

The music video for Neon Indian’s classic cyber-track “Polish Girl,” off Neon Indian’s new album Era Extraña, incorporates light painting to tell the story of a disjointed personal journey. “Polish Girl” was directed by Tim Nackashi and produced in collaboration between The Creators Project, Neon Indian, and Mom + Pop Music.

More info at The Creators Project’s site

Neon Indian:
Mom + Pop: